Important Groupon Announcement

We have recently integrated with the Groupon Partnership Network opening our customers up to new and improved deal offerings from Groupon. In order to receive commission from Groupon, you will need to apply to become affiliate and enter your new affiliate ID within Sqoot.

We will no longer be supporting the deal feed and commissions through Commission Junction, please update your account.

Please contact us at with any questions

Deal Provider and Affiliate Updates

Affiliate networks and providers have gone through some changes and we have updated our Affiliate Provider Google Doc  to reflect these changes. Please ensure that you take note of the providers that have updated their affiliate networks in order to continue to earn commission from clicks and purchases. Providers that contain a strikethrough and are highlighted are no longer active, while providers that are solely highlighted have had their affiliate network updated.

Updated Providers:

  • Half-Off Depot
  • MamaSource
  • CBS Local Offers
  • CrowdSavings
  • DealGrind
  • DealFind
  • eBay
  • Imagine Daily Deals
  • Live Cosmo
  • Schwaggle
  • Tippr
  • TravelZoo
  • WagJab
  • Zozi

Datasphere Coupon Roll-Out

Hello again!

We are pleased to announce that Datasphere coupons are now part of the Sqoot feed! Datasphere brings over 15,000 coupons to our platform and covers a huge variety of categories. You will most likely be able to find something tailored to you!


Everything you can do with deals, you can apply to coupons. For example: you can access the coupons by replacing “deals” with “coupons” in your query and access our catalog of coupons here!

Announcing a New Pricing Plan!

We’re rolling out an updated pricing plan where all new Sqoot sign-ups will be splitting a portion of their revenue traffic with us.


Silver Plan – $10/Month and revenue traffic is split 50-50

This means if 10 users click on a deal link, 5 clicks will go to you and 5 clicks will go to Sqoot.

Gold Plan – $99/Month and revenue traffic is split 80-20

This means if 10 users click on a deal link, 8 clicks will go to you and 2 clicks will go to Sqoot. 

How it works:

When you sign-up for Sqoot, you are given a 30-day free trial. During this trial, you will be defaulted to the Silver plan, and will be splitting the revenue 50-50. Once your 30-day trial is up, you will start being billed on a monthly basis. Of course, at any time you can adjust your plan.

Already signed up?

If you are already a Sqoot user, you will be grandfathered in and keep your original plan with no revenue traffic split. However! Like most cell-phone plans these days, if you decide to switch your plan, you will be subject to the new pricing plan terms.

In addition for the pricing change and revenue split, we are removing the API request limit!

Amazon Local Deals Are Here!

We’re pleased to announce that as of Monday, December 16th Amazon Local deals are now part of the Sqoot feed!


Amazon Local brings over 15,000 new deals to the platform covering a huge breadth of categories. We encourage you to explore the new data. The provider slug is: amazon-local.

Enjoy the new deals and happy holidays!

Gather Round, it’s Update Time!

PHEW! We’re finally able to step away from the keyboard for a little bit to bring you all some very important updates!


These past few months we’ve been hard at work updating Sqoot’s features and user interface. Enough with idle chit-chat, let’s get on with the details.

New Features:

Migration to Amazon Web Service – With our recent move to AWS you should all be seeing a huge performance and stability boost. This migration also supports our efforts to onboard even more deal providers.

More deals daily! – Our deal aggregator now cycles through providers and imports new deals 4x a day! That’s a lot of new deals!

More Providers – DealChicken and nCrowd to name a few!

Throttle increase   We now support up to 10,000 requests per hour/per user.

Bug Fixes:

That’s not the deal or page I was looking for!  Deal links had been incorrectly forwarding users to a provider’s main page, instead of to the deal they wanted. Have no fear; we’ll take you to the correct location now!

Deal results paging inconsistency   We have fixed an issue where paged results were returning an incorrect number of deals in the API.

Duplicate Deals – We fixed the deal fingerprinting mechanism, assessed our database and it is now set up to remove and prevent duplicate deals.

Coming Soon:

Don’t worry; those enhancements are not all we’re doing. In the coming months we’ve got some pretty good stuff on our roadmap including:

An enhanced reporting tool

Coupon aggregation – that’s right, now you’ll be able to come to Sqoot for coupons as well as deals.

and last, but certainly not least,
MORE deal providers!

Alive and Kicking Here at Sqoot!

Hi Everyone,

As most of you probably know Sqoot was recently acquired by Clutch, and no the name isn’t changing to Sqotch. Now that we’re past all the really fun stuff (paperwork, logistics, etc) we’re excited to reach out to everyone to let you know how we plan on making Sqoot even more awesome than it already is.

Some of the quick things we’re focusing on as we get down to business include:

  • API Performance – It’s pretty fast now, but we want to make it even faster.
  • Deal Publishing Time – We are working on ways to get deals available through the API faster than they are now. Again we think it’s pretty good now, but we’re working to make it even better.
  • Image Quality – We think it’s pretty good already, but we know that more and more deals are ending up on retina level devices and image quality is key. We’ll be working with all of the providers and making sure we’re able to serve up top quality images.
  • Duplicate Deals – We’ve noticed some issues with duplicate deals and are exploring ways to fix this.

For the Long term:

  • We’re working to really expand the number or providers coming through Sqoot. We have about 40 now, but want to get to 100 by the end of the year.

If you’ve got more ideas, we want to hear them and we’ll see what we can do about bringing more great stuff to Sqoot.
Send us a note to

For those of you who might be wondering who Clutch is, one thing to know is that we’re actually a Sqoot customer just like you. Clutch is a mobile app that gives you the power to build collections, find the best deals and send gift cards to your friends, all while lightening your physical wallet!

Again, the new team here at Sqoot is super excited to continue to bring you the best possible service as well as find ways to make Sqoot even better than before.

Here’s to an exciting new chapter in the life of Sqoot.

Warm Regards,
The Clutch (and now Sqoot) Team

Check it out!




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