Sqoot Goes Topless

We believe in transparency because we’ve got nothing to hide. We’ve got nothing to hide because we’re transparent. That’s just how we roll.

One of our most frequently asked questions is: “what are the commissions for each deal provider?” In the spirit of transparency, we’ve exposed all commissions through our API for every provider and every deal. So now:

  • Offers API includes a commission attribute. This is the dollar amount you’ll earn when the deal is purchased.
  • Providers API includes a commission (or percentage) that we’ve negotiated with the deal provider.
  • Search for deals or order the results by commission. Read more.
  • Widget embeds the commission amount in the HTML as a data attribute.

So what? Well let’s say you offer Schrute Bucks to your users. You can offer Schrute Bucks based on the deal’s commission. Once they buy a deal, you can use our Commission API to make sure they get the right points.

Look, we’ll even prove it with a demo: incentivized daily deal program. Get nerdy and view the source to see how we did that using only daily deal widget and some JavaScript.

We thrive on your feedback, so fire away with your feedback.

2 responses to “Sqoot Goes Topless”

  1. Jason Patrick says :

    You guys are mind readers. Love the new functionality and transparency. Thanks

  2. Avand Amiri says :

    Thanks Jason!

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