Gather Round, it’s Update Time!

PHEW! We’re finally able to step away from the keyboard for a little bit to bring you all some very important updates!


These past few months we’ve been hard at work updating Sqoot’s features and user interface. Enough with idle chit-chat, let’s get on with the details.

New Features:

Migration to Amazon Web Service – With our recent move to AWS you should all be seeing a huge performance and stability boost. This migration also supports our efforts to onboard even more deal providers.

More deals daily! – Our deal aggregator now cycles through providers and imports new deals 4x a day! That’s a lot of new deals!

More Providers – DealChicken and nCrowd to name a few!

Throttle increase   We now support up to 10,000 requests per hour/per user.

Bug Fixes:

That’s not the deal or page I was looking for!  Deal links had been incorrectly forwarding users to a provider’s main page, instead of to the deal they wanted. Have no fear; we’ll take you to the correct location now!

Deal results paging inconsistency   We have fixed an issue where paged results were returning an incorrect number of deals in the API.

Duplicate Deals – We fixed the deal fingerprinting mechanism, assessed our database and it is now set up to remove and prevent duplicate deals.

Coming Soon:

Don’t worry; those enhancements are not all we’re doing. In the coming months we’ve got some pretty good stuff on our roadmap including:

An enhanced reporting tool

Coupon aggregation – that’s right, now you’ll be able to come to Sqoot for coupons as well as deals.

and last, but certainly not least,
MORE deal providers!

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